Crafting a Life Worth Living

I read something interesting on the other day that was one of the most profound things I’ve ever seen – “happiness takes effort, unhappiness is actually the default state for people because it requires no effort”. I’m very happy with my life at the moment, happier than I’ve been for quite a number of years. People think happiness means the absence of things to do and being able to just do nothing, like winning lotto and living a life of leisure. That’s not happiness, it’s decomposition.

In the last week I’ve had very little spare time. I have been at the gym or judo each night, meaning I have either no free time before bed or I have maybe 2 hours max. I’ve even gotten to the point of downloading business podcasts and podcasts on expertise so my commute time to and from work is still useful and not just lost time. I’m in a job that if you told me I’d be doing 2 years ago, would have depressed me. Last night I went to bed utterly exhausted from the week. And you know what? I couldn’t have been happier. When my head went down on that pillow, I was satisfied, more satisfied than I felt possible.

I’m the proverbial rolling stone right now. I accomplish so much in each day it is impossible for me to be unhappy about my life. This is what it’s all about – accomplishment. Sitting around at work watching the clock won’t make you happy, it won’t get you promoted either. Sitting around after work at home won’t do much for you either. You’re letting your life pass you by. I know that when I wake up on my 40th, 50th etc birthday, I’m not going to have a mid life crisis, because I’m going out and doing the things I love. The point is, whatever you want to do, just go out and do it. “Free time” is this big thing we are told we have to aim for and it’s a crock, because free time in the Western world generally equates to sitting around vegetating and/or getting drunk. Fill up your schedule with things you love doing, it’s going to make you far more satisfied and happy about your life than sitting in front of the tv after work and zoning out.


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  1. Free time, though, can be a good thing; as long as you fill it with your own version of beauty instead of someone else’s. Doing the work you enjoy, or simply enjoying the work you have is only part of the balancing act. The “sweetness of doing nothing” is not a passive thing like TV et al; but over all the art of life is getting out of it what you put in. Thanks for this timely reminder.

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