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The Karate Kid and the passive aggressive emasculation of the martial arts

This article is one that was written quite some time ago on I have not been able to track down the original author in order to cite and give credit for this great piece of work, but if he happens to stumble upon this site and see this, please send me an email and I will be happy to either take the post down or give you credit when I find out who you are.

No doubt the Gentle Reader is already familiar with the 1984 hit film “The Karate Kid”. This essay will focus, therefore, not on reviewing or summarizing “The Karate Kid” for its own sake, but rather upon explaining the impact of “The Karate Kid” upon the public perception of the martial arts in the United States.

In order to address the issue of public perception vis a vis the martial arts, it is important to consider the history of this public perception. In the United States prior to the 70s martial arts were not nearly as mainstream as they are today. It was Bruce Lee in “Enter the Dragon” that catapaulted awareness of oriental martial arts in 1973. The dynamism of the fight scenes and Bruce Lee’s personality impacted the popular mind in a way that would be difficult to overstate. Continue reading


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Week of Monday 11 April 2011

Welcome to the relaunch of The Men’s Domain! I’ve endeavoured to bring you a more content rich, easier on the eyes and overall better website to help bring the masculinity back into your life. You may have noticed on the left we have a new “of the week” section, this was added to bring you a bit of variety each week in addition to the best stuff found on the net during the week. For this week:

Quote of the week: Richard Dimitri

Richard Dimitri, for those of you that are unaware is the head of Senshido International and an expert in self defence training. Everything I have heard, seen and read about him suggests a straight up, take it him as you see him kind of guy. His quote says a lot about him and a lot about life on the internet these days too. Nice one Richard.

Video of the week: Mentos parody, First Blood.

I love the Mentos parodies. There are a heap of them out there on youtube, some of my favourites are Commando, Bloodsport, Death Wish and American Psycho. It seems the more horrifc and violent the film is, the funnier the clip when it’s matched with the upbeat Mentos theme.

Book of the week: The Great Gatsby

A classic piece of literature, often referred to as one of the Great American novels. It is a fractured take on the American Dream. I read this in year 12 at high school and really did not appreciate it, but as I’ve aged the book seems to speak to me a lot more. The best thing about it is that within only 172 pages F Scott Fitzgerald manages to tell a full and rich story. It is especially pertinent to all those guys out there that have spent years pining over one woman, you may realise in the end it was never worth it.

Drink of the week: Rusty nail

Since I have spoken of Scotch whisky a bit before, I thought this would be a great start for drink of the week. The standard rusty nail is 1 part Scotch, 1 part Drambuie. For those accustomed to straight spirits, odds are this ratio will prove to sweet and syrupy and you’ll need to decrease the Drambuie a touch (or increase the Scotch if you’re that way inclined!) It’s that time of year in Australia for one of those warm, comforting drinks, and the rusty nail is certainly one of those. The addition of the Drambuie to the Scotch give the rusty nail a dose of sweetness and a complex array of spices and flavours such as cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and honey among others. Try it neat or straight up if you prefer it chilled.

Product of the week: Taylor of Old Bond Street lemon/lime shave cream

One of the “3T’s” (Geo F Trumper, Truefiit and Hill, Taylors), TOBS products are renowned as right up there with the best of wet shaving gear. What makes them even better is the price: while one of the 3T’s. they don’t charge as much as the other two while still offering a comparable product. The lemon lime shave cream is no exception, it creates a fantastic, highly cushioning lather that smells fantastic. I’m on my second tub in a row right now, yep, it’s that good.

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