Better Man in a Month Day 9 – Don’t swear for a day

Swearing is one of those things we heard on tv or at the movies when we were kids, or we’d occasionally hear adults or even naughty kids do it. We all looked forward to the day we were old enough and we could do it too, thinking it would make us cooler and more tough. Unfortunately, there is really nothing that great about swearing. Sure, it can be good to do when you kick your toe or run into something just to get that bit of anger off your chest, but the way it is used today is just too much. People swear mid sentence, they use it as an emphasis, hell I’ve even heard it take the place of a comma on occasions. The fact is, however, in any but the most casual settings, swearing is frowned upon, and it should be. Today’s challenge is to go for 24 hours without uttering a swear word. Continue reading


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Weekly wash up – Sunday 22nd May 2011

Apologies for the late WWU, things have been pretty busy. The first week of Better Man in a Month has finished, how are you doing so far on the challenges and what are your thoughts? Do you find them worthy things to try or do you disagree? I’m always after feedback of any sort, let me know at

Quote of the week – Michael Jordan

Man is this a great quote. Similar has been spoken by many great men in the past, but to have it summed up with statistics as well shows you just how profound it is.

Video of the week – Jack Sparrow

I had a couple of choices for the video this week, but it had to go to Jack Sparrow. It’s the Lonely Island’s (of SNL fame) latest music video offering and it is hilarious. I’ve been keeping an eye on it on youtube and it’s getting upwards of a million hits a day. Clearly everyone else is enjoying it too. Keep an eye out for next week’s video – it will blow your mind.

Book of the week – Cook with Jamie Oliver

I’ve done a bit of cooking instruction already on the site, if you are interested in really improving your understanding of food this is a brilliant place to start. Jamie goes through different meats and the cuts, seafood, vegetables and others. There are plenty of recipes but the strength of this book is the base knowledge it is concerned with.

Drink of the week – Stone’s ginger beer (alcoholic)

I’m in one of those moods lately where I just don’t feel like my old favourites. I’ve been trying something new every week and the weekend just past it was Stone’s ginger beer. Stone’s are famous for their green ginger wine which I am a big fan of, this latest offering has a similar taste and is something a bit different.

Product of the week – Green Magnitude creatine

It’s less than a month to judo national titles for me which means I’m training really hard. Green mag is like crack for working out. It increases strength, endurance and recovery from hard exercise. I’ve tried a lot of different supplements and can honestly say they have all been a giant waste of money – except this one. If you are already at your peak, this will take you past it.

Finally, I want to pass on something really important. The Commonwealth Bank is running a community seeds program where you log onto their Facebook site and pick one out of 6 charities. Whichever you pick, the Bank donates a dollar to. That’s a dollar to a charity for just a couple of clicks. Seriously, get on it.

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Better Man in a Month Day 8 – Don’t complain

For the first few days of this week, we are going to run with a bit of a theme – positivity. We already started yesterday by preparing ourselves for the week ahead in order to step into work today clean and confident. So for today we are going to continue that positive feeling with the next challenge. Today you are not going to complain. At all. We complain a lot in Western society, far too much considering what circumstances most of the world live in. The worst thing is, we complain about the little things – an extra couple of minutes wait in line at the supermarket, someone saying something we didn’t like, hell we complain when our favourite tv show doesn’t start on time.

So today, rather than whining to people about insignificant problems, you’re going to thank God, the universe, Allah, whatever you believe in that you’re alive, healthy and have a whole lot of things that most people in the world don’t. It’s all about gratitude today people, be thankful and happy for what you have in life and forget about all the insignificant things that make very little difference to your life. One day without complaining, one day trying to be as positive as possible. Give it a try.

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Better Man in a Month Day 7 – Personal Grooming

Personal grooming - nope, this is NOT what I mean

Well it’s Sunday, so rather than give you a big challenge to do today is going to be something really simple that will hopefully set you up for a great week at work. Guys can be pretty sloppy with their presentation in general and in their personal grooming especially because a lot of the time they don’t realise just how great an impression it makes. Now, when I say personal grooming I’m not talking about shaving your chest, waxing your legs or anything ridiculous like that. We’re talking just the basics here, which no one has an excuse not to take care of. The first reason personal grooming is important is because it shows you pay attention to detail and look well put together – very important for making a good impression at work. Secondly, while women do prefer masculine men, they also don’t necessarily like them to be filthy and unkempt. Continue reading

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Better Man in a Month Day 6 – Survivalism

In the last year, we have seen an unprecedented series of natural disasters. There have been severe floods, tsunami, earthquakes and nuclear reactor problems.Today we are tackling the topic of survivalism, and how as a man it is your job to start thinking about it and forumulating a plan. Don’t worry, we are going to make this fun. To begin with, you are going to rent the movie 28 Days Later and you are going to honestly ask yourself how well you’d do if you were one of the characters in the movie. What does 28 Days Later have to do with any of this? Well, zombies and/or viruses symbolise the end of civilisation as we know it, it is basically an apocalyptic event. For those people in Fukushima, it may as well have been exactly the same thing. Everything is rubble, food and water is going to be scarce, you don’t know where you are and you don’t know when help is coming. How are you going to handle this as a man? Do you have any idea of the best course of action, or are you just going to freak out and hope for the best? No, you want to be prepared. You want the confidence to say that when disaster strikes, you are going to go down swinging if you go down at all. Continue reading

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Better Man in a Month Day 5 – Eat or drink something you consider “exotic”

Being that it’s Friday and everyone probably has better things to do than read a length post, I’m going to make this one really quick and easy. Tonight, or this weekend, eat something that you normally shy away from. So many people I know will only eat what they’ve always eaten, they won’t even try a new sauce on their steak because they like mushroom sauce for instance. Same with drinking – a lot of guys will only drink beer and frown on everything else. Seriously, this weekend, broaden your horizons and your palate by trying something new. I’m not saying you have to eat something you’d normally consider extreme, but branch out a bit. If you always go out for Chinese, try Vietnamese or Thai instead. If you always eat chicken or steak, give duck a shot. Take a walk on the wild side, you’ll probably find that you really like what you try and it opens the floodgates of curiosity for you.

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Better Man in a Month Day 4 – Fast for 24 hours

Today’s challenge might scare you a little bit, it might cause you to think I am a complete whacko, or it may pique your curiosity. The purpose of this challenge is for a variety of reasons, let’s have a quick overview. After doing this, you should experience a number of benefits, such as: changing your relationship with food, learning you have more willpower than you think you do, improving your health and most importantly, putting yourself through a little hardship. Intermittent Fasting (or IM for short) is gaining quite a following in certain health circles as a way of managing weight loss, keeping cholesterol and triglycerides down and giving the digestive system a break. Let’s go into some greater detail just in case you are skeptical (which you ALWAYS should be when it comes to health advice). Continue reading

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